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Concert next door  wurde Anfang 2017 aufgenommen und sollte zunächst ein Solo Album der Sängerin und Songwriterin werden, bis es dann einige mit zwei Gitarren geschriebene Songs und anschließend auch einige mit einer zweiten Gitarre aufgearbeiteten Songs, mit auf das Album geschafft haben.

"„Concert next door“ was the first EP we produced in our improvised home studio while there was a neighborly dispute smoldering in the apartment below and we were fighting to get some tiny gigs in a Berlin full of musicians and artists. This EP is an attempt to catch a bit of that feeling which is shaping this time, where we are playing concerts, and concerts and concerts and fighting for every single person to listen.There’s an unobtrusive beauty in this feeling. We were like gypsies in this time and we still are. But it feels like there will be a time when we are looking back on all these concerts next door with nostalgia, as it is a time that is never coming back.  So maybe if we’re playing next to your door one day, don’t hesitate to come over and listen!"

Games & borders wird das zweite und doch erste gemeinsame Album des Duos sein und Ende 2017 von Gänseblümchen Studios produziert und Parrandera Records vertrieben werden. Thematisch handelt das Album von der Loslösung von alten Strukturen und Lebensabschnitten und der Schaffung seiner ganz persönlichen Wirklichkeit.

"It’s been a long way down to realize that you can’t stop crossing borders if you once started it. While trying to find the right words to describe what I felt in these lyrics, it became more and more clear, that this album is basically about leaving something behind that seemed like an entire world to me. Like the world I fit in. Like the world I belonged. But if you once crossed a border in your mind, the next one is just two steps away. And crossing borders can become a game, a passion. An addiction. Suddenly you realize that this entire world you believed in is not even more than a part of yourself and there will be a whole lot of entire worlds behind the fence if you have the courage to climb it. And you go further and further, diving deep into to universe, where the old world has become an island and you lost track on where you are and what to call home. But you can’t be crossing borders forever. Somewhere at the end of the road, there will be the deep blue sea. Which we all have to find one day. And where we all belong."